Review: EJ’s Burger’s

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I’m sure anyone who has been at the University for at least 2 weeks has been either A. Told of EJ’s or B. Had the pleasure of eating there themselves. This review however is not for B, but for A, the people who have yet to go. To start us off, EJ’s is a burger restaurant located on the upper ave, just above 45th st. A local favorite of students and the public alike, the overall appearance of the restaurant is pretty standard. Walking in you’re greeted with the aroma of burgers of different types being grilled and the friendly hello of whoever is taking your order. Walking towards the register you are immediately taken back by the choices on the menu hanging above you, if you are in the mood for a burger (of really any type) then you’re in luck. Moving on after ordering and with your number in hand, you sit in one of the numerous booths, downstairs or upstairs, and proceed to wait. Music from different years plays overhead, however without company to keep your attention occupied you might become a little bored due to the lack of “eye candy” around the restaurant. Soon enough though your meal is up and you can dig in to whatever creation you chose to purchase.

Now on to the food part of the review, really what everyone comes for. For this review I decided to order the UW burger. Topped with Onions, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Pickles, American Cheese, Onion Rings, and house sauce, it’s a creation to behold when it arrives in its red tray. Quoting a friend of mine, these burgers resemble the cartoon favorite Krabby Patty. Squashing the burger down in order for it to fit into my mouth (if you go you’ll understand) I carve out a bite that can be described as delicious. The sauce drips from my burger as I hold it there, tasting the numerous flavors that assault my taste buds (I even just found a sesame seed still in my mouth from the bun). Though don’t mistake this for a burger of god like taste, it merely is a burger that is above average.  The toppings on the burger are of average quality but for the price you really can’t complain and if  you choose a combo meal of a drink and fries you can rest easy that fries are plenty. Be warned however that soda options are limited, with only 4-5 options. Continuing with eating my burger the taste continues on through and through, and by the end I’m full and content and satisfied enough to go home happy.

Final Verdict: 3 and half stars out of 5

The price, and fast service are good, however the burger, while good, is nothing fantastic. Though that doesn’t mean you should avoid this burger bar, by all means go and enjoy a good burger, and make sure to bring your friends!

Price: $$ out of $$$$

Quality: *** out of ****

Serving size: *** out of ****


First Post, Reviews to Come!

As the first post to this blog, I’d like to say welcome! Thank you for stopping by and I hope in the future you find this blog to be helpful in regards to the numerous restaurants around the campus and the surrounding areas. I look forward to writing for you guys in the future. Happy Eating!